General cleaning. Must do things – Part Two

Living Room

It was in this room, as a rule, many windows and furniture is a great textile upholstery. Therefore, the agents that are used herein must be cleaned and, furthermore, this kind of surface to protect. The range of HG many products meet the stated requirements, but we turn to two highly specialized products product line: Means for washing windows and frames, as well as a means to protect textiles.

Means for washing windows and frames can be used on all types of glass and provides excellent results without divorce even painted, lacquered and synthetic surfaces. Two or three teaspoons of funds should be diluted in 5 liters of warm water and the resulting compositions to wash the windows in a circular motion using cloth napkins. To remove stubborn stains should be undiluted product processed directly by the place of contamination.

During the roaring party can not do without small troubles, such as spots on the floor, table cloths and furniture. And if the problem of dirt on the floor, you can find out in a few minutes, to remove marks from furniture and tablecloths – already have torment. But this can be avoided if an hour before guests arrive to take advantage of the means to protect textiles, which creates on the treated surface dirt-repellent and waterproof layer. It is necessary to evenly spray the composition on a dry surface and leave to dry for 1 hour, after which you can not be afraid of spilled wine on the tablecloth or salad, accidentally overturned on the couch.


The feast is over. It’s time to relax in your bedroom, watch TV or read a good book. So now for the room paramount excellent lighting and a pleasant smell. This can be achieved by two means by HG: odor neutralization and cleaning spray for lamps and chandeliers.

With a cleaning spray for lamps and chandeliers can be quickly and efficiently clean any lighting fixture: you simply spray the composition on the chandelier or lamp and give moisture to drain. The stains will be over, and the treated surface is dry for a few minutes and will shine like new!

Odor neutralization will help eliminate all the specific aromas after a noisy party: a mixture of perfume, the smell of food, in general, all that is still reminiscent of a recent meal. We need only to Spray in a room and forget about this problem.