3 reasons to choose rubbish removal in London

Is it easy to find a company which is offering cheap and yet effective services in London? Well, we can imagine that you’ve already learned the hard way that sometimes it takes longer to find the right company for the service you need.

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Cleaning the kitchen without using chemicals

Cleaning the kitchen will never be the same fun pastime as a weekend at the beach. And never cleaning the kitchen will not be easier than, say, cleaning in the bedroom. However, it is necessary to perform every day, whether we like it or not. And even if you have at home no cleaning powder or spray to remove contaminants, cleaning can spend on “hurray” with improvised means.

It is worth once digress. Owners of dogs and cats, as well as other domestic fowl should be aware that many essential oils are very concentrated and can be dangerous for the furry members of the household.

1. Shredder smell in the refrigerator.

On the refrigerator is often overlooked when doing cleaning in the kitchen. It would seem that we are keeping there almost sterile food, that there may be dirty. However, the bad news is that you need to wash your refrigerator regularly to kill the odor and that the products were stored properly. Simple and environmentally friendly cleaner for a refrigerator can be prepared the following: • 1 cup of vinegar; • 2 cups hot water; • 10 drops of essential oil of lemon.

All the ingredients you need to mix and pour into pulivizator. Spray it on the surface of the refrigerator and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe with a damp cloth. A wonderful fresh aroma and purity are guaranteed! Similarly, this mixture works with microwave.

2. Reusable wipes.

Buying disposable wipes on a regular basis – very expensive. Furthermore, such tissue is not the best way to affect the purity of the environment. I ask you to make a useful reusable wipes for the kitchen alone. To do this, cut an old t-shirt or towel into squares and soak them in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and clean water. Prior to impregnation into the mixture, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

3. Detergent for kitchen surfaces.

Such means make it easy and pleasant to use not only the kitchen and bathroom. To prepare the tools fill a glass jar of lemon citrus peel. Pour the vinegar is all that they were completely covered and close the lid. Periodically shake the jar with the mixture. After 4 weeks, strain the liquid infusion and pour into a spray bottle. Means ideal for purification tables, plates, surfaces, floors and windows.

4. Tools for cleaning the oven.

Clean the oven is not permitted chemicals. However, burnt fat can be easily cleaned with a paste made of soda and water. Always wear gloves!

5. Deep cleaning cutting boards.

Tree very quickly absorbs dirt and smells. to clean wooden cutting board, cut a lemon in half and use it as a sponge, rubbing the juice into the surface. Add more salt and rub it yet. After the procedure, rinse under running water board and put out to dry.

General cleaning. Must do things – Part Two

Living Room

It was in this room, as a rule, many windows and furniture is a great textile upholstery. Therefore, the agents that are used herein must be cleaned and, furthermore, this kind of surface to protect. The range of HG many products meet the stated requirements, but we turn to two highly specialized products product line: Means for washing windows and frames, as well as a means to protect textiles.

Means for washing windows and frames can be used on all types of glass and provides excellent results without divorce even painted, lacquered and synthetic surfaces. Two or three teaspoons of funds should be diluted in 5 liters of warm water and the resulting compositions to wash the windows in a circular motion using cloth napkins. To remove stubborn stains should be undiluted product processed directly by the place of contamination.

During the roaring party can not do without small troubles, such as spots on the floor, table cloths and furniture. And if the problem of dirt on the floor, you can find out in a few minutes, to remove marks from furniture and tablecloths – already have torment. But this can be avoided if an hour before guests arrive to take advantage of the means to protect textiles, which creates on the treated surface dirt-repellent and waterproof layer. It is necessary to evenly spray the composition on a dry surface and leave to dry for 1 hour, after which you can not be afraid of spilled wine on the tablecloth or salad, accidentally overturned on the couch.


The feast is over. It’s time to relax in your bedroom, watch TV or read a good book. So now for the room paramount excellent lighting and a pleasant smell. This can be achieved by two means by HG: odor neutralization and cleaning spray for lamps and chandeliers.

With a cleaning spray for lamps and chandeliers can be quickly and efficiently clean any lighting fixture: you simply spray the composition on the chandelier or lamp and give moisture to drain. The stains will be over, and the treated surface is dry for a few minutes and will shine like new!

Odor neutralization will help eliminate all the specific aromas after a noisy party: a mixture of perfume, the smell of food, in general, all that is still reminiscent of a recent meal. We need only to Spray in a room and forget about this problem.

General cleaning. Must do things

What is the big holiday? First of all, this visit and feast, and the second – general cleaning, which takes place in two stages: first, before the arrival of friends, and then after the festival. In this case, both the first and second case, cleaning is throughout the apartment.

We have compiled a list of 10 universal means of HG, with which you can clean the apartment, consisting of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom.


So, guests came, they took off the robe and shoes and now sent to the bathroom in order to freshen up after the road. In order to come to the delight of glitter plumbing and sterile cleanliness tiled floor and walls, we need two tools – HG Universal cleaners for the bathroom and toilet and HG liquid for washing cement (tile) seams.

The first effectively cleans glossy, enamel, chrome, plastic and painted surfaces. Means should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10, coated on the surface with a sponge and wait a few minutes. After that, rinse with water, and the rough side of the sponge to scrub stubborn stains; chrome or gold-plated surfaces with a soft side. Also means you can wash all the interior, which is in the bathroom: mixer, towel holders, coil. Even the shower head from the lime can be washed: it is necessary to dip the plastic surface of the tank with a concentrated solution and wait for half an hour and then rinse with water and scrub brush.

HG tool for cleaning tile joints to restore the original color of the tiles and joints. Dilute agent in a ratio of 1: 4 with warm water and apply the resulting composition with a brush or sponge to the surface. After 10 minutes, wipe with a cement compound and thoroughly wash all traces of tools with warm water. So, plumbing shines chrome surfaces glisten, and the joints between the tiles and it is perfectly clean? So, move on.


After visiting the bathroom company offers is usually divided: women follow the hostess to the kitchen, and men – for the head of the family in the living room. Hostess always try to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen with the help of a dozen different tools, but without the two products just can not do it – it’s HG Remover fat and HG agent for removing blockages in the pipes.

First means for its unique formula quickly and easily removes grease, oil and various stains from all kitchen surfaces, be it the burner plate or stick pans. Means for removing fat HG – a spray, use that incredibly quick and easy: applied to the surface, wait for some time, and then wiped dry with a treated area. Of dirt and grease will be over. Also worth noting is that the composition can be sprayed onto any surface.

Kitchen drains clogged much faster than any other. Fat, potato peels, leftover food from the dishes – all this sooner or later accumulates on pipe bends and becomes clogged. And this is the most real house disaster! Often even have to call a “rescue” – from plumbers ZhESa or emergency service. Such a situation can be avoided if from time to time use means to remove blockages in the pipes of HG. To do this, pour into the tube 300 ml of the product, and half an hour later, rinse it with water. And yet – the problem is solved, because thanks to its liquid formula composition to cope with any kind of obstruction and not worsen the situation, as is the case when using powder means.

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